Life Guidance Student Assistance


“ Life Guidance Student Assistance” provides students guidance and assistance on their personal safety issues on / off campus. (EX: off-campus accommodation, part-time job, and commuting safety issues)

Developing students’ autonomous spirit is our first mission, yet we still pay attention to students’ need and perform those requirements by a well-built Campus Safety Network which integrated by administrative office, counseling center and academic office.

Furthermore, to make school days safe and happy, “Life Guidance Section” imparts essential knowledge and life skills to help students nurturing good habits which can cultivate their mind and also establishes harmonious school atmosphere.

Most of all, we expect students could build up positive attitude, healthy body and mind with our assistance.


Duties of Student Assistance

Student loans
Students exemption for tuition and miscellaneous fees
Lost and Found
Students honor and disciplinary related affairs
Students accident insurance
Off-campus work-study
Mainland Chinese Student guidance
Scholarship information
Student asking for leave
Solatia to students in economic crisis